We’re Joining the Energy Bill Revolution!

As you may know, here at The Premises we really care about supporting campaigns that help both the environment and society generally. We’ve had huge successes with our solar powered recording studio, our rooftop beehive and campaigns to create a meaningful Feed-In Tariff for green energy generation.  We’ve also worked to encourage small businesses to move their money to ethical banks (which we have done ourselves of course!)

Now we’re joining forces with a great campaign called the Energy Bill Revolution, which has the support of over 100 major charities, unions and businesses. It aims to end the growing issue of fuel poverty in the UK. We were shocked by the statistics – at least 7,000 people die every winter in the UK due to living in cold homes, and high energy bills mean one in four families has to make the choice between heating and eating properly. Read more

We’re Switching To An Ethical Bank – Press Release

PRESS RELEASE:  Wednesday July 11th 2012


The Premises Studios Ltd, a world famous studio complex, used by hundreds of stars such as Ronnie Wood, Ben E. King, Macy Gray and Madness is working with the campaign Move Your Money UK to pave the way for small businesses to move their money to ethical banks.

Premises MD Julia Craik says:

“As a business we’ve always done what we can to act responsibly and we’ve decided that banking with Barclays is no longer a viable option for us.  We won’t be associated with a corporation that appears to act in such a corrupt and fraudulent manner, so we’re off!  We believe this is the best way to force change in the financial sector, as leaving it to the courts of justice and the government just isn’t working.”

The Premises Studios estimates its turnover at around £500k per annum and as Julia Craik points out “If just 100 small businesses with cashflow similar to ours leave their banks then the banks will lose businesses with an annual turnover of £50 million – that’s going to hurt”. Read more

Enough is Enough! We’re Moving From Barclays.

With the recent Libor fixing news coming in on top of the innumerable banking scandals, everyone here at The Premises Studios has decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we’re switching our business banking.  As many of our clients know, we’ve always aimed to run more than just a business here – we choose to work as a conscious, ethically minded studio complex.  We do what we can to act responsibly and we’ve decided that banking with Barclays is no longer a viable option for us.  We won’t be associated with a corporation that appears to act in such a corrupt and fraudulent manner so WE’RE OFF! Read more

The Premises Wins Music Week Award for Best Green Business

blankWe are delighted to announce that we won the first ever Music Week Award for the Best Green Business.

Launched this year by campaigning environmental group Julie’s Bicycle, the Green Business Award was created in order to recognise the environmental achievements made by companies working in the UK music industry. The criteria used to judge were:

  • The implementation and success of environmental initiatives;
  • Management support and overall staff commitment to sustainability;
  • Methods used to track environmental impacts
  • Relationships with and influence on audiences, customers, suppliers and other clients;
  • New and original campaigns and ideas.

We were up against a very strong shortlist including industry heavyweights The Birmingham NEC, KOKO, and The Sage Gateshead but our solar powered studio A, green campaigning and beekeeping projects took the prize on the night. Read more

‘Madonna and Child’ at The Premises


UPDATE:  Friday April 8th 2011

The Police* are now investigating the death and arson threats we’ve been receiving in the last few days from so-called MJ fans enraged by the sculpture currently on show at The Premises. (*enraged Sting fans please note, we mean the Met police.)

‘Madonna and Child’ by Los Angeles based artist Maria von Kohler, is displayed in a high window at The Premises.

Michael Jackson fan sites around the world have been orchestrating a campaign against the sculpture. Although the artwork depicts a real event, with no additional comment, they see it as an attack on the late singer.

Viv Broughton, Chief Executive of The Premises, said “So far we haven’t been taking the threats very seriously but a few of them have become quite specific. The level of abuse has been extraordinary so we’re taking a few precautionary measures just to be on the safe side.”

Amongst the blizzard of misinformed blog comments (see below) is the suggestion that big money is somehow behind it. If only. For the record, the artist wasn’t paid and the work is not being offered for sale. It is not a commercial venture. Perhaps we should also say that quite obviously, the comments below are not to be taken as reflecting our own opinions. So try and be nice you lot, or we’ll set Mrs Watkins the studio cat on you. Read more

One Step Bee-yond! Suggs backs our Urban Beekeeping Project.

March 2011:blank Here at London Recording Studios, The Premises we’ve established a hive and a colony of bees on the roof and are now joining with other campaigns to encourage people to look after bees, particularly in urban areas. Madness lead singer Suggs (pictured right, with sax player Lee Thompson and Premises MD Julia Craik) has teamed up with us and we’re delighted to have his support.

London has a seriously declining bee population, which has decreased by around a half since 2008. To help repopulate the capital we installed a hive on our roof a little while back and now, with the warmer weather and sunnier days arriving, the hive is coming out of its winter quiet and the bees are beginning their busy year.

Julia Craik says: “We want to encourage people to look after these gentle but amazingly productive insects. Honey-bees are in danger due to a number of environmental factors including the increasing recent prevalence of the Varroa Destructor mite.”

Suggs, who has been rehearsing with Madness at The Premises, has been interested in bees for many years and says “As experienced urban beekeepers my wife and I know how fascinating keeping these amazing creatures can be and how important it is to look after them in managed hives like the one at The Premises Studios.  Beekeeping is a crucial part of looking after our environment so both the bees and our planet continue to thrive”. Read more

Save the Rabbit

8th November 2010

We’ve Saved the Rabbit!

Hackney Council Back Down over Giant Rabbit

Hackney Council have officially withdrawn their threat to remove the painting of a giant rabbit on the side of The Premises Studios.  More than two thousand people signed a petition in one week objecting to the Council’s enforcement order.

The 12ft giant rabbit is one of several spectacular pieces of street art that have appeared in the east end of London by internationally renowned artist ROA. Last year Hackney Council caused widespread outrage by painting over a large Banksy artwork in Dalston. Read more

The Premises @ the House of Commons

Julia Alan Simpson

The Premises MD Julia Craik with Alan Simpson MP

Our lovely solar panels have been keeping us warm and toasty over the winter months, allowing us to get down to business without having to give a second thought to the ‘varied delights’ of London weather. But across the country, there are still people that cannot keep themselves warm, and with Government targets set to  eradicate ‘fuel poverty’ by 2016, there is still a long way to go in the fight to overcome the issue. Which is where the Parliamentary Warm Homes Group comes in.

Established as an Associate Parliamentary Group in 1998, the Parliamentary Warm Homes Group plays a key role in maintaining awareness of fuel poverty in Parliament. With an ever growing membership of cross parliamentary support from MPs, Peers and key industry associates, the work of the group is essential to ensure that everyone is able to keep themselves warm.

Part of their work tackles poverty in general, but a lot of work focuses on the need for greater energy efficiency and taking steps to ensure we are consuming heat efficiently and with a greater sense of responsibility. In terms of the bigger picture, it’s a win-win situation, allowing us to reduce emissions whilst saving money and ensuring that people on low incomes do not have to view heat as a luxury. Read more