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The Premises @ the House of Commons

Julia Alan Simpson

The Premises MD Julia Craik with Alan Simpson MP

Our lovely solar panels have been keeping us warm and toasty over the winter months, allowing us to get down to business without having to give a second thought to the ‘varied delights’ of London weather. But across the country, there are still people that cannot keep themselves warm, and with Government targets set to  eradicate ‘fuel poverty’ by 2016, there is still a long way to go in the fight to overcome the issue. Which is where the Parliamentary Warm Homes Group comes in.

Established as an Associate Parliamentary Group in 1998, the Parliamentary Warm Homes Group plays a key role in maintaining awareness of fuel poverty in Parliament. With an ever growing membership of cross parliamentary support from MPs, Peers and key industry associates, the work of the group is essential to ensure that everyone is able to keep themselves warm.

Part of their work tackles poverty in general, but a lot of work focuses on the need for greater energy efficiency and taking steps to ensure we are consuming heat efficiently and with a greater sense of responsibility. In terms of the bigger picture, it’s a win-win situation, allowing us to reduce emissions whilst saving money and ensuring that people on low incomes do not have to view heat as a luxury. Read more

The Sanctified Traditions of Rock ‘n’ Roll

1 – Support Bands – Redistribution of Rights (AKA Stealing the Headline Act’s Rider…)

rock and rollAs well as managing The Premises Studios, a top London Recording Studio I also work as a Tour Manager.  In this position it has recently it came to my attention, that some of the greener, younger, fresher bands have begun to lose respect for one of the more sanctified traditions of rock and roll; demolishing the headline act’s rider to the last drop. Read more