Voice Jams for Young People: COMING SOON!

Our Voice Jams are some of the best vocal training sessions for young people in London today.  Those of you who’ve been lucky enough to attend one before will know how amazing the improvements to your vocals will be in just a few days.  We work with Clive Brown, one of the most dynamic and innovative choir trainers in the UK and form a choir from all the students attending.  Then we work over the next few sessions towards an roof-raising performance with a full band.

We’ll learn harmony and solo techniques, breathing and posture exercises, teamwork, some great songs and how to perform with a band made up of some of the best session musicians about.  Plus we’ll have fun and make new friends, all in a professional recording and rehearsal studio where some of your idols may have already worked (see our client list to find out who you might bump into).

The cost for this is just £25 for all 4 sessions.  It’s open to anyone aged 12-18.

To book just call Julia on 020 7729 7593 or email info@premisesstudios.com