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Live Jazz Piano Course with Nikki Yeoh, Tim Richards and John Crawford - May 17/18/19 2024

Calling all jazz pianists. If you love to play and would like to perfect the art of comping (playing along with a live band) come and join us in May for three days of intensive tuition and practice culminating in a live performance for friends and family.

Learn how to:

  • Voice chords

  • Build up your voicing vocabulary

  • Comp for fellow students and a band

  • Perfect your comping rhythms as a supporting musician

  • Work on different comping styles

  • Work on Latin style rhythms

  • Work on Blues orientated styles

  • Become a more confident live performer

The final day will end with a live performance featuring YOU and an A-list band including Denys Baptiste on sax, Dominic Howles on bass and Mark Mondesir on drums.

What could possibly go wrong with that line up? NOTHING! Nikki Yeoh will also be on hand to musically direct and generally make sure it’s the best gig you’ve ever played.

We would urge you to invite friends and family along to that performance, which will be held as a gig, but EVERYBODY’s on the guest list! Free salty snacks, soft drinks and wine and loads of applause. Most of all, GREAT MUSIC, starring YOU!

All three days plus performance party: £275

May 17,18 and 19th 2024

Book early! Places limited to 16 people. 


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