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January 2024 Newsletter


“I like Wagner’s music better than any other music. It is so loud that one can talk the whole time without people hearing what one says. That is a great advantage.” Oscar Wilde

Happy New Year, you lovely Premises People. Gosh put that way, we sound a bit like a cult, or a dance troupe in psychedelic flares. We suspect that you, like us, do NOT approve of talking through gigs, cos it’s just so darned rude, innit? And from the audience side, of which I am a dedicated member, it usually involves a gob of spittle in your shell-like, with someone saying something inane and of no importance. I did know a girl who hired herself out to tell people talking at gigs to shut up, but she wound up in hospital with multiple fractures and a deep sense of lack of vocation. Let’s NOT GO THERE. Go play instead, or go see gigs and if you are in the audience, treat the band as you would wish to be treated, onstage. We think it’s gonna be a great year for live music. Maybe you need some practice? Book yourself in! We’re all set up for you to make some noise without the neighbours complaining. And we’ve got some great courses too



This just in...  our first Gospel Recording Course from 21st-24th of Feb now includes the stellar choir director Karen Gibson MBE of Kingdom Choir! (remember them from Harry and Meghan’s wedding?).

We have just TWO places left for this in-demand course, which, run in conjunction with the Gospel Music Industry Alliance, includes expert tuition from award-winning gospel producer Goziam.

You’ll get to record your own track with a great band and gain great experience, camaraderie, industry advice and most importantly, an expertly recorded and mixed song featuring YOU on lead vocals.

Time is of essence so if you are an experienced singer with a desire to step up into the pro recording realm, all for just £395 including your master recording, email us now:



Dates are now firmed up for our popular course with Janette Mason, now in its third successful year. This is for people who have a song, at least lyrics and top line, and want to learn how to arrange it for piano, bass, drums and vocals, with Janette as musical director. We split the course over two weekends so you have time in between to prepare for a definitive recording of your song!

Janette is a renowned pianist, arranger, composer and producer ( who will work with you to help develop your song into a final production.

Topics covered will include form, harmony, style, texture, lead sheets, click tracks, chord charts, demos and more. There will also be an intensive session with top vocal coach Kim Roberts.

The course culminates in a top-flight master recording of your song, with Janette as musical director and pianist, Tom Mason on bass, and Simon Lea on drums. All this for just £385, including all master recording costs! Places are limited to ten people and you will need to send us your song in rough form (Wav or MP3 format) so we can be certain this is the right course for you. Info and bookings:



A heads-up for this ever-popular course run by top session vocal coach Lurine Cato. It’s really only by doing the course that you’ll get to learn all the different skills you need to have the best chance of landing gigs as a Backing Vocalist. It’s not just about supporting the singer and making the right moves, but being part of the whole performing experience. You should already be a good singer with some experience. The course runs from 22-24th of Feb with work friendly hours. So 7pm-11pm on the first two days, and 11am-4pm on the Saturday. Lurine has been known to bring in a guest singer so you could wind up getting a very happy surprise. £195 for all three days. Think of it as a New Year gift to yourself. For more info: Move fast though, these places fill up quickly.





Our previous studio cat has sadly handed in her notice because there weren’t enough Death Metal bands (her preference) to lure her from a previously sedate life of edible treats and catnip. So we’re on the hunt for a sociable feline who’ll get free bed, board, vet visits and a hunk-a-hunk of burnin’ love from all our visitors. If you know any pregnant cats (who will have a kitten she might be willing to give to us) or a cat who loves to roam, socialise and has a varied taste in music, hit us up with your suggestions. No Freebird. No Stairway. We have our standards. Please text: 07764191918





We had a pretty good run last year (largely thanks to you, our loyal customers) and as a result we are able to keep our studio hire rates down to the same low cost as last year, and the year before that!




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