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Art of Arranging with Janette Mason 16th, 23rd and 24 of March 2024

We are delighted to be hosting Janette Mason’s Art of Arranging course for the third year in a row. 

The course is perfect for those of you who have written a song and maybe made a rudimentary recording, but want to learn how to arrange the parts for other band members and bring a rich, full sound to your song or, alternately, pare it back for a more unplugged sort of sound.

During the course you will learn about form, harmony, style and texture and how to apply these to your composition. You will also learn about click tracks, chord charts, and what to expect when making a pro recording. With a week in-between the first session and the final session, you will get to arrange your song, applying everything you have learned.

When you return, you get some superb vocal coaching with Kim Roberts, and run throughs of your song with Janette on keyboards, Tom Mason on bass and Simon Lea on drums.

For recording day, Janette will be on piano and also acts as your musical director, but it will be you largely communicating with the engineers and the musicians to achieve a master recording and mix of your song. To read more about Janette:

Places are strictly limited to ten to provide an optimal recording experience.

Cost is just £385 for all tuition, recording, mixing and musicians fees.

To reserve a place, drop me a note about your experience and send a sample of the song you wish to record.

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