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“Gospel music is nothing but singing of good tidings - spreading the good news. It will last as long as any music because it is sung straight from the human heart.” - Mahalia Jackson 

Our hearts are overflowing with all kinds of good vibes as we head into March, getting ready to spring into Spring and still basking in the joy that was the Gospel Recording course. More below: 


OK, we know we sang the praises, so to speak, of Gospel music in general in the last newsletter, and of our soon to happen Gospel recording course run in conjunction with the Gospel Music Industry Alliance, but as the great Mahalia said, sort of, we have even MORE good tidings and good news because we ran the course last month and it was a smasher! Course leader, musical director and all-time good guy Goz, along with the Kingdom Choir superstar Karen Gibson, ran the course with a grace, ease and a wealth of knowledge and experience of all things Gospel. Recording day was LONG, with 14 singers giving it loads of panache, passion, and perseverance. They also got some great industry insider tips from a very knowledgeable and funny dude called Wisdom - by name and by nature. Too many great bits to mention but everyone was enjoying the sheer variety and joy in each and every voice, and how some singers got the whole control room dancing like wild things. 



Piano players who want to tinkle the ivories with a live band in front of an audience, and learn the art of comping and improv in modal jazz, Latin Jazz, blues and soul, please do come and join our Jazz Piano Performance course on 17th, 18th and 19th of May. You learn tons, gain performance confidence, but also get to play a gig, here with Mark Mondesir, Dominic Howles and Denys Baptise. You can read more about it here. You need to be a competent player and be fairly confident in reading music. You can bring friends and family to the performance, and we will provide, wine, beer, soft drinks, salty snacks and ambiance. It’s gonna be great, cos it always is. All for the LOWER THAN PREVIOUS YEAR price of £275 for everything. To register interest, or ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, email:



We know Easter break can feel longer than it is, so why not get your youngsters over here on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of April to sing, rehearse and record two songs with our Voice Jam choir master and all-round good guy Clive Brown? The good bits: The kids and Clive take regular songs and jive them all up, with three-part harmonies, raps, solos, improvs …the works. The days start at half two and run til half six, so the singers can have mornings free. And speaking of free, the course is FREE. AND, there is a “wrap” party on the last day, with food, soft drinks and freestyling on the mics. All that is needed is a desire to sing and a willingness to rehearse lots. For more info and to sign up:  or go straight to our sign up sheet here.



Amongst other luminaries, last month we welcomed: Lady Hawke, Anna Taylor-Joy, Kris Derry, Scout, London Voice Academy, Wendy Bevan, Trinity Laban, Folded Wing, Fossils, Juno Dream, Ella Grace, Soul II Soul, Elephant Kind, Liam Holmes, The Funkhausers, Shiva Nova, Citizen, Matt Maltese, Stuart Brock, Marie Dahlstrom, Charlie Cunningham, The Alternative Conservatoire, Ayanna, Perhaps Contraption, Funk Force Five, Guy Chambers, Vula, Green Tea Peng, Ella Grace, The Moonshine Heavies, Moving Mirrors, Kawala, Rachel Chinouriri, Jealous Nostril, Espirit D’Air, Celebration Church,Flyte, Michel Rojas, House Gospel Choir, Sylvie, Anthony Benjamin, Music Nation, Goldfrapp, PP Arnold, Miso Extra, Berklee, The Thornhill, Tenacity, Amararee Adriano Adewale, Shivali Frost, Louis Dunford, Nathanial Jones, Irene Taylor Trust, Albion, Lucy McWilliams, Cymande, Texas, Lurine Cato, Ashton Jones, Olly Alex, Tunde, Miraculous Mule, Triggerfish, Sarah-Jane Morris, Miles Kane, Towa Bird, Tellison, Riot Women, Barry Can’t Swim, The Charlatans, Mafro, Krokodile.



Premises CEO and main Gospel champion Viv Broughton was taken ill suddenly at work about a week ago and is not feeling too wonderful, BUT he’s in good hands in hospital with a plan for recovery and recuperation. If you pop in during the next little while, you might not see his beaming smile and hear his booming “How ya doin?” greeting to all you wonderful music makers, but the man is a fighter and a rebel and  between me and all ten thousand of you, he’s as stubborn as a mule on steroids and will do everything he can to get well and back at the helm ASAP. Premises is his oxygen, so to keep the man happy, send all love and good vibes his way. And keep rehearsing and recording here.  It’s business as usual, if slightly Viv-less for the short foreseeable. If you want to contact him directly, he is checking emails and texts. If you want to send a snail mail card to Premises, we’ll make sure he gets it! 

Meanwhile, Dude still can’t give it a rest even from his sickbed, so here’s an ending funny sent in by the main man himself: 


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