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Art of Arranging Course: 25th March, and 1-2 April, with Janette Mason

Have you written a good song and want to learn how to arrange it for a band and record it in a studio? We started this course last year with Janette Mason– composer, pianist, arranger, recording artist and touring musician with the likes of Oasis, Seal, kd lang and Robert Wyatt, and it proved to be hugely popular. If you want to learn the mechanics and artistry of arranging your song for different instruments, which includes considering form, harmony, style, texture and working with and directing musicians in the band, then Janette will put your through your paces with the view to recording your song with Janette on piano, Tom Mason on bass and Simon Lee on drums. There will also be a session devoted to getting the most out of your vocals. This course is suitable for those who can sing and have some knowledge of the principles of song writing. You don’t have to be able to read music but it helps if you know how to work with a click track and can sing the top line of your song. Places are strictly limited and partially based on the sample of the track you submit for arranging.

If all this sounds daunting, know that you are in expert hands and Janette is there to help you build your song every step of the way. Some feedback from happy participants from last year’s course:

“I enjoyed every moment of the course. It was invaluable to work with professional musicians and have their input. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn arranging and improve song writing.” – Sofia

“A great overall experience and the course helped to inspire me to believe in the power of song. I was not able to read or write music but I was still able to learn how to arrange and get my ideas across to the band and I am really happy with the result.” – Sean

“I learnt so much in such a short time and this has really motivated me to think about music as a profession. The support was fantastic, not only from Janette and the band but from the other people on the course. I listened to my song with a fresh approach and I am really happy with the result.” – Stephanie

Full price for the course, including vocal coaching and master recording, is £345. To book or more info:

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