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The Premises Wins Music Week Award for Best Green Business

We are delighted to announce that we won the first ever Music Week Award for the Best Green Business.

Launched this year by campaigning environmental group Julie’s Bicycle, the Green Business Award was created in order to recognise the environmental achievements made by companies working in the UK music industry. The criteria used to judge were:

  1. The implementation and success of environmental initiatives;

  2. Management support and overall staff commitment to sustainability;

  3. Methods used to track environmental impacts

  4. Relationships with and influence on audiences, customers, suppliers and other clients;

  5. New and original campaigns and ideas.

We were up against a very strong shortlist including industry heavyweights The Birmingham NEC, KOKO, and The Sage Gateshead but our solar powered studio A, green campaigning and beekeeping projects took the prize on the night.

Alison Tickell, Director of Julie’s Bicycle said, “The Premises took the initiative to go green well before it became common place, and they were the first commercial studio in the UK to install solar panels.

“Proving that engaging with issues of public concern can be a business win, they used a government grant to speed up their investment payback, and have used their green credentials to give them a marketing edge. They have also successfully campaigned for better renewable power incentives that benefit the music industry, as well as UK homes and businesses more broadly.

“It’s also impressive the way The Premises have used their solar panels and more recent initiatives like their beehives to engage with artists, other studio users and young people in their Hackney community – this is a really important step and its impact cannot be underestimated.

“By seizing the business opportunities while making the ethical choice, The Premises is a powerful example of the opportunities that environmental sustainability offers: an ethical business base that will sustain it into the future.”

Julia Craik, Director of The Premises Studios said, “The Premises Studios are delighted to receive the first Julie’s Bicycle Green Business Award. We aim to combine solid business sense with real environmental action and this award is recognition that our model works. Julie’s Bicycle is a great organisation and their endorsement is a real honour.”

Michael Gubbins, Content Director of Music Week said, “Music Week is proud to have worked with Julie’s Bicycle to launch the Green Business Award, and we consider it to be one of the most important of the Music Week Awards. Premises Studios has set an example which we expect to see followed by a great many other companies, in an industry which is becoming increasingly engaged with environmental sustainability as a core business priority.”


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