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We’re Joining the Energy Bill Revolution!

As you may know, here at The Premises we really care about supporting campaigns that help both the environment and society generally. We’ve had huge successes with our solar powered recording studio, our rooftop beehive and campaigns to create a meaningful Feed-In Tariff for green energy generation.  We’ve also worked to encourage small businesses to move their money to ethical banks (which we have done ourselves of course!)

Now we’re joining forces with a great campaign called the Energy Bill Revolution, which has the support of over 100 major charities, unions and businesses. It aims to end the growing issue of fuel poverty in the UK. We were shocked by the statistics – at least 7,000 people die every winter in the UK due to living in cold homes, and high energy bills mean one in four families has to make the choice between heating and eating properly.

To end this, the Energy Bill Revolution is calling on the Government to super-insulate the homes of the fuel poor. The aim is to slash their energy bills, end fuel poverty, drive down carbon emissions and create over a hundred thousand jobs. The campaign wants the Government to use carbon tax to fund the programme. We all pay carbon tax on our energy bills, but at the moment none of it is given back to households. There is enough carbon tax to bring half a million people out of fuel poverty every year!

You can find out more about the campaign at If lots of Premises Members sign the petition on that page it could really help focus attention onto this very important campaign.

The campaign is also looking for some high profile champions to support them. If you or anyone you know fits the bill just let us know and we’d be delighted to put you in touch.

We think this is a vital campaign, and if it succeeds we can create revolutionary changes – and it won’t cost us a penny more!


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