Enough is Enough! We’re Moving From Barclays.

With the recent Libor fixing news coming in on top of the innumerable banking scandals, everyone here at The Premises Studios has decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we’re switching our business banking.  As many of our clients know, we’ve always aimed to run more than just a business here – we choose to work as a conscious, ethically minded studio complex.  We do what we can to act responsibly and we’ve decided that banking with Barclays is no longer a viable option for us.  We won’t be associated with a corporation that appears to act in such a corrupt and fraudulent manner so WE’RE OFF!

We are switching to a bank we already work with – the excellent Triodos Bank.  Triodos Bank are 100% sustainable, they only lend REAL money entrusted to them by their savers and they only work with people and organisations who are working to make a positive impact – culturally, socially and environmentally.  We’re lucky enough to fall into all three of their categories. Our solar powered recording studio, beekeeping project and campaigning work ensures we meet their green requirements; our registered charity works to provide access and education and is the socially responsible arm of the main studio business and our music studios are VERY cultural of course! (Well most days anyway…)

We’ll be making the changes over the next few weeks and once we have done this you can be sure that anything you pay us will be going into a much better model of banking.  None of your studio fees will be given to the fat cats, they will be used in a fully responsible manner – a much better way of doing business all round we think.

We’d like to encourage more people to join us in leaving the bad banks behind as this is the BEST WAY TO FORCE CHANGE – leaving it to the courts of justice and the government just isn’t working.  If you’d like advice on how to join us in making positive banking choices then we’ve done a fair amount of research recently and are happy to share what we know.

The more people and small businesses that leave the big banks the more it will hurt them – do think about switching – it’s a SIMPLE AND POWERFUL statement to make….

Contact the office on 020 7729 7593 or info@premisesstudios.com for more information.

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  1. Ian says:


    Good chioce guys.

    Hopefully more and more companies will start to realise that they can have a direct impact on the sort of society we live in. Everybody who takes their business away from the big high street lenders and gives it to an ethical bank is sending a powerfull message that, despite the government and court’s inability to act, the people will hold the banks to account.

    Only people demanding change can ensure that after the upheaval endured during the last few years, business as usual can not be resumed.

    Sorry for the rant but you’ve made my day.

  2. Fionn says:

    Hi Premises!

    It’s great to read about your positive experience of switching accounts, and of encouraging others to do likewise. As you know we encourage people to make the same jump, and provide information to inform people about how the choices they make affects the economy, the environment, and the financial system that underpins both.

    Many thanks for your comments and well done for banking on something better!

    All the best from Move Your Money UK

  3. Ash says:

    My small but upwardly mobile music industry company, started (after redundancy) with no grants, aid or help (just hindrance) from the government, does not use a mainstream bank nor will I stand to. Good on you for nailing your colours to the mast, lets break the High Street con artists!

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